RIYADH -  Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence

The event has been designed to mark the 4th anniversary of SDAIA as a ground-breaking entity innovating a new, accessible reality.

Three main pillars were framed to shape the event’s spirit and state the advanced dedication of the organization: 

•To present & demonstrate the forward-looking approach of SDAIA and its alignment with the kingdom’s 2023 vision.

•To create an experience that evokes the expansion and integration of  technology within major sectors, thanks to SDAIA.

•To articulate and highlight SDAIA’s initiative role in facilitating
everyday life  and more, to its citizens’ new digital age.

                                                                A story of diligence and capability, where a harmonious blend of
                                                                                                                                        AI and real life coexist smoothly;


SDAIA’s hidden power lies in its visionary and innovative aim to  revolutionize the region. They carry a transformative power that enables the potential of AI to create a world where technology  and humanity exist in harmony. The communication in itself becomes a visualization of SDAIA’S  achievments, competence,
and their ambition which is ensured to include their advances and input in the field of AI.

The  atteendes are immersed within a narrative in which they learn that SDAIA has the ability to  create seamless realities that blur the borders of the physical and digital  realms, thanks to SDAIA diligence and  capability.

As they converse with the AI brain, they discover that SDAIA is successfully creating a flow of information and a strong network of data that is ensuring a bright future. It’s mostly about intriguing the attendees,  how the two worlds intertwine together to build and accomplish a greater vision.

The spatial experience is divided into zones, each reflecting on an established plan of action or mission,
that falls under the master plan of SDAIA’s role and contribution into the kingdom’s VISION 2030. 

It becomes a journey of exploration through the “digital” side behind the “phygital” world, exploring how Big data & AI operate in a connective, transparent, & agile matter, making advancements in all aspects of life for the benefits of its citizens, in accordance with VISION 2030.

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