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                    [  PA]  RADIX

RADIX /ˈradɪks,ˈreɪks/ a source or origin of something  ︎  [PA]RADIX /ˈparadɪks,ˈ parareɪks/ paradigm’s authentic perspective  ︎︎︎  


︎ CONCENTRICO 09︎ We designed Reflection on Being
          requirements [in summary]
The aim of this competition is to create a pavilion to serve as a starting point and home-
base for all of the festival’s tours and activities. A meeting that innovatively shows how
urban spaces have become a fundamental point of reference. It will be located in the
Plaza Escuelas Trevijano, in the space between streets Once de Junio and Portales,
and the buildings of the Ibercaja Cultural Centre and the Logroño Tourist Office.
PARADIX outlook ︎ Concept Design x Pavilion Design

Conceptually speaking, the pavillion is a disruptive protest against the surrendering to the mundane, which any one of us can break by attuning their sense of activeness; may it be in the subconscious sense or physical aspect.
The pavillion is hoping to embody the significance of reflection that
leads to rediscovery - being the vital remedy to notice what has been forgotten or ignored. It’s about creating an unconventional, immersive moment that sparks the act of observation; which on its own, is very much capable of delivering care or driving questions, that can possibly stem a sense of awareness or/and root the ambition to act.

From its exterior stance; the reflection is focused towards the renewal of the public space, while from its interior stance, the reflection allows one to focus on their own self-awareness.


          requirements [in summary]
Launched in 2014, the International Poster Competition has received 30,000+ entries from over 100 countries and is recognised as one of the world’s largest collections of contemporary posters. The competition is open for entry and invites people from around the world to participate.
PARADIX outlook ︎ Concept Design x Animation Design

Addressed in a satiric tone, the poster’s purpose is to state that the reason why humans are not as active as they should be towards the global climate crisis, is because of a great placebo effect from a pill – that makes everything seem alright on a global scale, making all its inhabitant live in denial and lose consciousness of how significant the issue is.

The poster takes inspiration from a typical newspaper layout, happening in the future, acting as wake-up call and reflecting on the absurd state of immobility towards the cause. 


           requirements [in summary] 
Bee Breeders Architecture Competitions  The Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant competition is a collaboration with Vogafjós Farm Resort, located east of Lake Mývatn. For this competition, participants are tasked with designing a greenhouse concept restaurant.  The owners are looking to develop a restaurant in which customers could see the milky blue mineral water of Mývatn Nature Baths on one side and Hverfjall volcano on the other.

PARADIX outlook ︎ Concept Design x Architecture

Our proposal rejects and challenges the theory of anthropocentrism, through architecture. It’s the attempt to redefine a new norm, in which architecture and spatial experience as a medium, have the necessary role to morph and expand their form towards an inclusive and peripherical conversation, leading to a sustainable future. Steering the spatial dimension towards a noncentric existence, leaving room to co-existence, discovery, communication and free will - between all beings.

We designed neno with the aim to create a restaurant experience that blends with the unique and peculiar landscape of Iceland, forming a connection between its culinary technology and topology of the land. 

In other words, in rejection of the anthropocentric ideology, how can an Icelandic topology of ecocentric design, engage one’s soulfulness to experience a journey of introspective and collective discourse, leading to transparency?


︎ MOVIE POSTER FROM MORRRE.DSGN ︎ We designed Furrious Friends
          requirements [in summary]
Imagine that a certain event will happen in 2022, based on which a film will later be made on.

PARADIX outlook ︎ Concept Design x Illustration Design

The poster is a conceptual satiric statement about a global movement lead by the animal kingdom, in our technologically-driven time. Contest submission for @morrre.dsgn movie poster!


What was once considered a far off fantasy, is now a reality thanks to a new technology of translator bots that can notice small differences in wavelengths around us: you can speak to all the animals in your life.

However the dream was turned into a nightmare, the animals are angry. They feel subjugated and patronized. They want their former glory. They want to preserve their natural habitats. Marine life is holding the internet hostage. Closing off access to our underwater cables and using their newfound voices to advocate for environmental justice.

With limited access to the internet and media channels humanity is at risk of having to meet the demands of every animal, or be destroyed from the top of the food chain. What started off as a fun way to communicate with your pet has completely backfired.


︎ ISOLA DESIGN AWARDS ‘21︎ we designed local vocal
          requirements [in summary]
The Isola Design Awards competition aims to empower designers to be innovative in their products and design processes by experimenting with existing technologies as well as creating new ones, in different categories - including Furniture Design.

PARADIX outlook ︎ Concept Design x Media Design x Product Design

It’s a possible starting point of creating an eye-opening perspective to resist conformism, through meaningful and deep-rooted aesthetic exploration. We fundamentally reject the notion of “modern” Egyptian design, “Modern” is derived from the colonial perspective of “modern world”, as a reference point in time and history from the western point of view.

The designed chair is an explorative statement on how and Egyptian “chair” could be, without the inheritance of colonial mindset. Hence, our exploratory inquiry of, how might we decolonise Egyptian design identitiy and experiential language, to dissociate from the dominant continuum of colonial thinking?


︎ DUBAI DESIGN WEEK ︎ We designed The state of ridiculous affairs S.R.A
          requirements [in summary]
This was an open call to submit proposals to present a conceptual exhibition at the 2020 edition of Dubai Design Week. Supporting the exhibition experience, an editorial edition was allowed to submitted as well, reflecting the exhibition’s concept.

PARADIX outlook ︎ Speculative Design x Product Design x Graphic Design

Over the past decade, a plethora of emerging design philosophies has been exploring how the world is tackling future challenges for humanity. Researchers and designers have presented examples of design projects and philosophies attempting to discover alternative solutions to future technological and socioeconomic challenges through critical & speculative design.

In this case, what if the common language of humanity is manifested through tangible, functional depictions?

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