Where do we start?

We start by studying the clients’ wants and needs, to gain insight into their lifestyles and desired outcomes. Then through a human centered design approach we visualize the experience they would gain by interacting with this new space.

We adopt an Agile methodology as our project management methodology to keep the team dynamics high, and to help us get feedback from the client as soon as possible. The agile methodology helps the teams to provide quick responses and feedback from the client, which in turn helps them to adapt flexibly with the circumstances.

How do we work?

What is our design process?

Since we started doing design, we believe that every space should tell a story; a narrative that is crafted as a result of the contextual enquiry behind the space, design should respond to this enquiry thus creating bespoke experiences for each space. We’ve always been inspired by radical architecture, conceptual & interrogative design as well as speculative design, cinema and music.

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