CAIRO - MILAN - 2023

This project started as a passion project in Studio Paradigm. In an attempt to put ourselves in the shoes of plastic, and to understand if it had a voice, what would it want to say? Shedding light on the human instinct to immediately put the blame on the other person, we assumed plastic would do the same. Try to prove itself as “guiltless”, and innocent of all the blame.

Through our research, we realized that people would choose the easier, more available option without much thought into their actions, and there weren’t enough readily available alternatives for 
anyone willing to make a change.

Studio PARADIGM x An/Other Design Lab.

The design was to resemble a dining table that the creature has created in order to invite humans on for a "a feast of their own making". We carefully picked items that are mostly disposable single-use plastic, especially those used in packaging, and food wrapping, highlighting consumer behavior, throwaway culture, and our reliance on plastic as the only option to package all things and everything. The dining table consisted of two parts, a top and a base, like most tables we are used to seeing, but upon looking up-close, one slowly start to realize what it's made of. The top is made up of a solid mass that made up of the plastic waste that we collected, and mold them into an abstract form such that the pieces/item used are no longer recognizable. In order to do that, we used left-over construction wood to create a mold to melt the plastic in. Next, we assembled the trash collected and used a heat gun along with a wooden stick to compress and merge the melted plastic. We tried to include logos and names of big industrial companies that notoriously contribute to the mass production and excessive use of plastic packaging.

Finally, the top stood on two posts that were made of cut plastic bottles, filled with more trash. The posts were then sprayed in a green neon color, symbolizing the toxicity produced by the plastic waste that eventually finds its way into our seas, soil, and food. Melting the plastic gave us a first-hand experience of how toxic the fumes could get. The sad part is that even after compression, a big chunk of plastic mass is left for an immortal life.

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