Muland coffee is a culture; it’s a meaningful and a charismatic experience. As a brand, Muland is a world of serenity, a graceful moment in time, an opportunity for one to indulge in creative delights. Just as much, the interior reflects the persona of Muland’s values.

Abu Dhabi * 2019

We invented a narration behind Muland Cafe, creating the nation of Mu and its unique culture evolving around the spiritual tresor that is the Kokaf - what we modernly know as coffee.
The following is an extract of the value of the white feather.

“Irnes on the other hand, presented Maslu with a silky, extraordinarly white feather. Being half god and half human, each ruler of Norsok is given a feather by his precedent.

This was no ordinary feather, as Norsok legend goes, it is believed the First Feather was given by the first ruler of Norsok after the battle of the Ekil Eagle, and passed on ever since from ruler to the next.

By giving the feather to Maslu, Irnes not only passes on his ruling, but he also adds values to the feather by proclaiming a symbol of wisdom, patience and a contribution to
humanity’s existence.”

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