Maine’s visual identity is bold, youthful and dynamic, inspired by the abstraction of its sandwiches’ shapes; either rolls or buns. The interior accentuates the signature elements of the brand, by implementing them as the space’s features.

New Cairo * 2019

We invented a narration behind Maine Restaurant, creating a source of origin and valuable cultural symbol of the restaurant’s specialties.
 “Despite Edrina being the smallest village of the land, Eirikis’s reputation held a much grander position in the Norse thanks to their character. Curious and daring; they were renowed boat builders and the best fishermen. Undoubtly the greatest adventurers. On one particular voyage, when the ocean was exceptionally brutal and

 furious, Eiriks asked for help from one of the gods - Njord - only to be declined: Njord envied Eiriks’ favourism among the humans and despised them for being the Warrior Women of the Sea, the fisher(wo)men of Edrina. Vengeful, Njord destroyed the ship and ended up shattered on an unknown shore...”

people centric unconventional energetic from blue to red, a magical bliss is transitioned;
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